Baris KILICHAN started his professional sports life as a taekwondo trainee under the guidance of Aybars KILICHAN (WTF 6th dan, 1973 Taekwondo European Champion).

He was trained by Uludag Sensei (Aikikai 6th dan) between 1999 and 2012. He was also Uludag Sensei’s assistant in Ankara and Ankara Group Coordinator of Aikikai Aikido Turkey until the disaffiliation of Torii Dojo from Aikikai Aikido Turkey in 2012.

Baris KILICHAN holds the ranks of 1st dan in taekwondo, 5th dan in Aikido (Turkish Wushu Federation, 4th in Aikikai Honbu Dojo) and is a 2nd grade aikido trainer. He is one of the founders of Torii Dojo and continues to teach aikido.

He is alumni of AU Faculty of Political Sciences, with a bachelor’s degree as an economist, and alumni of banking and finance post graduate program of Manchester Business School.

He can speak English, Japanese and German.


Founder (5th Dan)

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