Ersin OZTURK started his professional sports life with judo and practiced many different branches. He started aikido in 2004 and trained by Uludag Sensei (Aikikai 6th dan) until 2012.

He acted as assistant trainer and as PR Coordinator of Ankara Group of Uludag Sensei from 2005 to the disaffiliation of Torii Dojo from Uludag Sensei in 2012.

He actively took part in the organisation of a taiko concert show, an organisation of AHAN - Nippon Kan, in Turkey, 2006.

Ersin OZTURK, one of the founders of Torii Dojo, holds the ranks of 4th dan (Turkish Wushu Federastion; 3rd dan in Aikikai) and is a 2nd grade aikido trainer.  

He can speak English.



Founder (4th dan)

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