To Register


Torii Dojo offers aikido training in 7 days of the week with 3 different adult and 2 different children groups.

Registering one of these groups depends on your decision. Each group follows the same program with different instructors on a different schedule. It is important to chose the one that best fits to your personal weekly program and the one that you can enjoy practicing. It is possible to change groups after you start.

After deciding the group you want to join, you can register to our Dojo, fill a membership agreement form and present a photo of yourself. You can start practicing immediately. Membership agreement forms are written in Turkish but can be translated into English upon your request.

Although not a necessity, experienced aikido practitioners are always appreciated to present their certificates of kyu/dan degrees, reference letters or any other reference documents.

Even though aikido classes does not require spoken communication, it should be noted that our instructors can speak English, enough to make you feel comfortable.  

You can obtain an aikido outfit from our dojo or from a store; a choice which is definitely up to you.