Who are we?


Torii Dojo started as the Ankara Group of Ali Uludag Sensei in 1999 and reformed as Torii Dojo in 2008 by Baris KILICHAN, Banu ALISVERISCI and Ersin OZTURK.

Until 2012, Torii Dojo was the Ankara Dojo of Aikikai Aikido Turkey (TAAO) of Uludag Sensei and hosted many studens who want to practice aikido and foreign instructors, as well.

After Torii Dojo decided to disaffiliate from TAAO and Uludag Sensei, it became the largest dojo in Ankara that has no organic connection to any national or international aikido organization. Nevertheless, Torii Dojo is under the legislation of Turkish laws and registered to Turkish Wushu Federation, regulator of aikido in Turkey.

At the moment, Torii Dojo offers aikido training to anyone older than 7 years of age on different times and days of the week. Our students between the age of 7 and 12 are trained in two children groups, while the olders are trained in three adult groups.   

Banu Alisverisci, one of our founders, decided to leave her position in Torii Dojo as of 2014.

Our mission is to become a dojo that is preferred by anyone who wants to practice aikido in a proper environment.